Hello!. Welcome to my website of COMICS. My name is Eden Gonzalez. I am an Illustrator, Comic Artist and Psychologist. Here you can find a lot of my old comics, sketches and other previous projects from past years. Since 2017 I stopped making comics, but I hope some day I can make more of them. 

A project that I created in 2015. Due to the lack of resources at that point the project didn't grow up, but I still love comics and I will create more in the future. :)
The main focus of FLUXCOMICS was to create positive and inspirational comics to help people with their struggles.

A comic that I created for an LGBTQIA+ Website (in spanish). The comic has at least 70 pages but not all of them have been translated. It's Not finished, and I don't know if I will continue the story. Let me know what do you think.

It was something similar to fluxcomics but with more sensitive and delicate stories. That year (2017) I discovered the software 'Clip Studio Paint' so my drawing style began to change a little.
That year was really hard for me and I think the comics that I drew reflected my state of mind of that dark phase.

I decided to change the direction of my art in order to increase my income. So I opened a shop on ETSY in 2017, but I started selling clip art until 2020, and It was a success!

So now I'm drawing clip art and selling them on different shops. 

If you are interested in my newest creations you can visit my new website: EDEN GONZALEZ ART